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Bodegas Carodorum

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

D.O. Toro , Spain


This young family winery with an artisan character is located in the Cascajera area, in the heart of the Toro countryside. Its vineyards are located on the terraces of the Duero between gravel and gravel, in the rigor of an extreme climate, which extraordinarily favors its optimal ripening.


The centuries old vineyards, unmoved by time, have been silent witnesses to the rich history kept by the faithful and noble Toro, city of kings and royalty. These young entrepreneurs continue their grandparents’ work, combining tradition and modernity to produce their beloved red wine: CARDORUM.

WINE MAKING The artisanal craft and the limited production allow the brothers to devote all their energy and attention to achieving the final product’s unsurpassed quality. They have found a way to preserve the art and tradition of wine-making (the use of clay jars, wood vats and oak barrels) while incorporating 21st Century equipment (stainless steel tanks, leading grape processing technology and latest generation computers).

“The Grapes are harvest by hand at the optimum ripening point”

About 10 years ago they began producing quality wines in their family's winery. And when they saw that the hiding place was in Spain, they went to try their luck in the United States. And now they are back with their heads high and the wine that makes Toro puff his chest.

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