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The Spirits of Swiss -Fassbind

The FASSBIND distillery has always been one of the oldest and most famous distilleries in Switzerland. Since 1846 - following a long Swiss tradition - high quality noble distillates from fruits, plants, spices and herbs have been distilled here in Oberarth.

DISTILLERY Hand picking and high-quality fruits use for production of Fassbind distillates. The fruits are guarantee for best quality before mashed in steel tank for fermentation .The Fructose is converted to alcohol by adding only na

tural yeast. The fermentation process takes between 6 - 8 weeks depending on the fruits.

The distilled fruit distillate is divided into three parts. The first part is called the “head” and is of lower quality. The middle part, the “heart”, is of the highest quality and is collected separately. The “tail” at the end of the

distilling process is singled out together with the “head”. The “tail” can be added to a further distillation.

This year we also offer the finest Eaux De Vie you can find in Thailand!

More Information : 062-6252673

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