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Fassbind Les Vieilles Vieille Poire

Fassbind Les Vieilles Vieille Poire


This noble, carefully distilled and matured fruit brandy from Williams pears captivates the senses with the unmistakable aroma of this fruit.

The Williams pear is cultivated in Switzerland in the canton of Valais and is one of the most popular pear varieties. Thanks to its powerful yet elegant aroma, it is ideal for the production of pear brandy.

The freshly distilled Williams pear brandy first rests in stainless steel tanks for at least two years and then matures in oak casks for 14 to 18 months. After the maturation process, the pear brandy is further refined with a homemade bonificateur to give it the wonderful aroma and subtle sweetness, which makes this Vieille Poire so unique.


Alc: 40%


Tasting Note:

Colour  Brilliant Gold.

Nose    Fully ripe Williams pear with hints of candied fruit and hints of Crème Caramel. Light wood and honey notes in the background. Like a freshly prepared fruit salad with juicy honeydew melon.

Palate  Delicious and juicy with a pronounced pear aroma, followed by vanilla ice cream, hazelnut and meringues.

Finish  Develops a delicate fruity sweetness, long-lasting.


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