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Renato Ratti, Italy


Half way up the hill overlooking the main Barolo valley, along the first spurs of the neatly aligned vineyards, lies the Abbey of the Annunziata . The ancient Abbey in honor of Our Lady of the Annunciation was erected in or around the year One Thousand. Renato Ratti's Museum for the Wines of Alba came into being in 1971.

In La Morra and Barolo the soil contains a high concentration of limestone-rich Tortonian marl. The more aromatic, fruitier styles of Barolo typically come from these soil types


There are three characterizing factors in the outcome of a great wine: the vine, the climate and the soil; one factor however is determinant: man. The connections between climate, soil and vine are truly complex; when by a combination of hard work and serendipity, they reach a perfect balance.


The grapes are harvested by hand at their optimum ripening point Aging in oak barrels of 25hl and 50 hl. light toasted with fine grain woods, for a slow oxygenation, They result in a balance between fruit and wood

“ In 1965, I undertook my first vinification in a state of "purity," at once a rare luxury and terrible liability in the world of Barolo wines! All my efforts, however, were finalized towards a fixed goal: to be different, to set a new course. ”

-Renato Ratti,1971

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